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Online Programs

Can’t get to us in the studio?  Or don’t have access to programs near you?  Online might be the answer 🙂

Currently we offer programs on zoom – we chat first so everyone gets to know each other, then we dive in:

  • Trivia
    • We have designed this to be interactive no matter what your level of knowledge, with multiple choice (so everyone gets a chance to have a guess) we watch videos and ask questions about it – plus a chance to win prizes 
  • Singalong
    • We sing a HUGE range of music from all eras and styles, from country to anthems to 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to now! We chat, have fun moving and shaking, and sing our hearts out.  But don’t worry, no one will hear your, so that makes it even better!  You can request too, and we will do our best to find the song for you.
  • Bingo
    • Traditional bingo takes a fun turn and the positive side effect is you get better at recognising numbers while getting to know new people. We help too by checking the numbers while you are playing, so there is no chance you’ll miss one – and have the best chance to maybe win a prize.
  • Disco
    • Our disco takes place in our studio, but we also go online at the same time – so it is like you are there but from your very own home! We have lights, cool music, bubble machine – so you can choose which option works for you.  It’s super fun – and we even get a fit fit at the same time with all the dancing!