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Our Staff – Our Focus – Our Participants

Our focus is you. We want to assist you to get the best out of your life.

Our mission is to be different in the NDIS Provider Service Industry – we want to offer a service that our participants would describe as encouraging, helpful, friendly, ethical, positive and exciting. We want you to be able to learn ways to communicate that suit you and give you the courage to say what you want to say in a clear and concise manner.

Our motto is “A POSITIVE CHANGE” which promotes a sense of positive forward motion without the pressure of a verb, making it resonate with different people at different stages of their life’s journey. 

Daniel Silk

Daniel Silk

Daniel is a real life person, and has a real life approach to disability and counselling.  He is approachable, calm, easy to chat to, solution-focussed and skilled in a wide range of different disability and mental health issues. He has worked in a variety of sectors over the last 30 years including disability, counselling and mental health.
Daniel started Change Your Therapist with Jai because he didn't feel there was an opportunity for those with a disability to learn better communication skills in a social environment.

His passion lead him to becoming an NDIS Registered Provider where he could use all his skills to build programs that focus on learning better communication and social skills.

Daniel is great at being able to adapt to any situation and communicate in a clear and understandable way. He wants those that have a disability to be able to communicate their needs with confidence and feel respected about their thoughts and ideas.

Jai Harvey-Yin

Jai Harvey-Yin

Jai’s background is in business, education and personal care, spanning a career of over 25 years. Jai partnered with Dan as she recognised a definite trend of increasing need for different NDIS providers and mental health support within the community, combined with a difficulty of finding service providers.

There didn't seem to be enough choice for those with a disability and Dan & Jai thought it was time to offer real life opportunities to those with a disability

She offers dynamic, creative solutions to real life issues in business and life, and really enjoys working closely with her clients to clearly establish goals, and then smash them!